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Filming for Beginners

by Psydis
Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Contenuto del corso

✅ U1: Introduction

What will we do in the course

✅ U2: Preparation materials

Basic video theory: camera body
Basic video theory: optics and focus
Audiovisual language
Formats and color
Filming techniques

✅ U3: Execution

Filming Preparation
DSLR filming
Time lapse and Hyperlapse technique
Special techniques for creative plans

✅ U4: Assembly and color

Organization of the material
Edition in Davinci 1
Edition in Davinci 2
Color with Davinci 1
Color with Davinci 2
Color with Davinci 3
Outputs and formats

✅ FP: Final project

Filming for beginners

* Attestato attualmente non disponibile *

Teacher: Yeray Martín Perdomo

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