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Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

by Psydis
Adobe Premiere Pro for Beginners

Contenuto del corso

✅ Course 1: Premiere Pro Interface and Using Video Files

  U1: Welcome
  U2: Understanding and Using Video Files
  U3: Organize and Structure Your Digital Assets
  U4: How to Create a New Project and Connect Scratch Disks
  U5: How to Import Your Files and Locate Your Files
  U6: Overview of Items in the Top Menus

✅ Course 2: Editing, Timelines, and Sequences

  U1: Using the Premiere Pro Windows: Project Window, Source Window, Timeline, and Program Window
  U2: How to Use the Canvas and Viewer (Source Window and Program Monitor)
  U3: Working With the Timeline: Non-Linear Assembly
  U4: Working With the Timeline: Toolbar, Shortcuts
  U5: Using Transitions
  U6: Creating Titles
  U7: Working With the Sequence: 3-Point Editing and Pancake Editing
  U8: Start Practicing

✅ Course 3: Using Effects on Your Footage

  U1: Introduction to Keyframes
  U2: Intro to Time-Remapping
  U3: Introduction to Masks
  U4: Auto-Reframe
  U5: Essentials Graphics Panel
  U6: Start Practicing

✅ Course 4: Lumetri: Edit Color and Light

U1: Introduction to Working With Color and Light
U2: Color Correction Using Lumetri
U3: Color Grading Using Lumetri
U4: Working With the HSL Tool
U5: Intro to the Effects Panel
U6: Start Practicing

✅ Course 5: Enhancing and Adding Audio

U1: Introduction to Working With Sound
U2: Working With and Removing Noises
U3: Intro to Sound Design
U4: Amplification and Compression
U5: Recording Audio Within Premiere Pro
U6: Start Practicing

✅ Course 6: Exporting and Best Practices

U1: Final Check Before Exporting
U2: Introduction to the Export Panel 1
U3: How to Export Your Project and Settings
U4: Exporting Multiple Videos With Media Encoder
U5: Start Practicing

AdobePremiere Pro For Beginners

Teacher: Alex Hall

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