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Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

by Psydis
Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

This course primarily focuses on delivering in depth knowledge on MongoDB concepts and leveraging them with Spring Boot, Spring Data & MongoDB environments.

Contenuto del corso

Sezione 1: Introduction and Setup Environments

✅  Introduction
✅  MongoDB Architecture and DataModel
✅  SetUp MongoDB Replicaset with Docker
✅  Connect to MongoDB replicaset with Robo3T
✅  Create SpringBoot project with MongoDB spring data driver
✅  Connect SpringBoot application with MongoDB

Sezione 2: Implement Rest API with SpringBoot and MongoDB

✅  MongoDB ObjectId vs manual Id creation
✅  Implement a MongoDb data model with relationships
✅  Implement Save operation with relationships
✅  Implement Read and Delete operation
✅  Implement Update with Optimistic Locking

Sezione 3: MongoDB Query Language with SpringBoot

✅  Introduction to MongoDB Query Language (MQL)
✅  Auto generated MQL queries from MongoRepository
✅  Testing auto generated queries
✅  Query annotated MongoRepository
✅  Criteria Queries with MongoTemplate

Sezione 4: MongoDB Aggregates with SpringBoot

✅  Introduction to MongoDB aggregates
✅  match,count,group,sort,sum aggregates with SpringBoot
✅  lookup,unwind,project aggregates with SpringBoot

Sezione 5: MongoDB Indexes and FullText Search with SpringBoot

✅  Single and Compound Indexes with SpringBoot
✅  FullText Search with MongoDB and SpringBoot

Sezione 6: MongoDB GridFS and Transactions with SpringBoot

✅  MongoDB transactions with SpringBoot
✅  Introduction to MongoDB GridFS
✅  Implement GridFS save operation with SpringBoot
✅  Implement GridFS load operation with SpringBoot
✅  Implement GridFS delete operation with SpringBoot

Sezione 7: MongoDB Data Modeling best practises

✅  Introduction to Document Data Models
✅  Document Embedding vs Referencing
✅  Implement various relationship types based on scenario
✅ Design datamodels with extremely large documents

Sezione 8: Enable SSL between MongoDB Replicaset and SpringBoot application

✅ Create a key pair for SSL with OpenSSL
✅  Enable SSL in MongoDB replicaset
✅  Connect SpringBoot application with SSL enabled MongoDB replicaset

Sezione 9: Miscellaneous

✅  Enable Query Logging

Sezione 10: Summary

✅ Summary

Mastering SpringBoot with MongoDB

Teacher: Isuru Samaraweera
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